Antique Treasure

All hand made in pure 99,9% fine silver (Ag 999) and 92,5% sterling silver (Ag 925), with clear zircon in the middle of pendant, and Swarovski bicone in beautiful colour: golden shadow (high shine).
I used Wire-Wrapping and Art Clay Silver techniques. It means, that I created everything, I formed, fired, oxidized polished and a bit satinaged silver art clay - and martiner, brazed using silver solder ls 800, wire wrapped all of it to compose this incredible thing. Also chain is not typical, but with very exclusive, shining golden shadow Swarovski cristals.


  1. taki postapokaliptyczny <3

  2. Merci.
    To akurat nie jest najnowsze praca, tylko uaktualniam na blogu co wrzucam na Etsy ;))