VIOLET JAZZ - a very personal pendant made of sterling silver, fine silver and Swarovski Navette Amethyst, hand wrapped.

There was a time when I was learning how to solder silver wires, this it the first bigger effect and for this time I think it was a very difficult experiment.
I set Swarovski Navette crystal (amethyst color) into silver coat (Ag 925, Ag 999) and hand wrapped. 
At the time, jewelery fairs were held, which was also issued this pendant - unexpected I met there my husband's grandfather, who really fell in love in my silver Swarovski piece. Grandpa was sand-blind, so he paid the price minus the last zero - and has gone home all happy, he can give a gift for his wife "resides in the cemetery". 
I was only hoping that he will bury this pendant in the ground, so nobody could take it as "found - means: nobody's".
Few weeks ago someone could find it anyway, at Jan 4th we said goodbay to our grandfather, for the last time.

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