MOON BY MOON - hand wrapped sterling silver earrings. Swarovski Crystallized - moon, crystal AB.

Sterling silver moon's earrings with Swarovski crystals.
Wire wrapped Crystal AB shade earrings. Sterling silver [Ag 925] with fine silver [Ag 999]. All hand formed and hand wrapped.
Oxidized to a deep black and polished to a high shine and shades of gray / grey. 

- 99,9% pure silver called as fine silver (Ag 999),
- 92,5% pure silver called as sterling silver (Ag 925),
- Swarovski crystals: moon 16 mm, Crystal AB,

Length: 3,5 cm (about1,4")

Colors: crystal clear, shades of: yellow and light blue, silver, vintage silver
Occasion: Anniversary, birthday, wedding, valentines. Very universal style.


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